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I just want to let you know your service really works. I just started a month ago and now I'm on page 3 on google search. All of my friends are impressed about my site. Actually I got a prospect who found my site. Thank you guys!
I just want you to know, that you guys have provided the best customer service out of all the web hosting companies I've ever used. You are always very responsive to my requests and make needed changes very quickly. Keep up the great work!
Larry Burklow - Discover Texas Homes
I just completed the website for my partner who is in real estate. I've searched the internet and tested many websites but your service was the easiest and most user friendly. It took me less than 1 hour to set up and over the last couple of days we have been fine tuning the website. Thanks for providing a great service.
Keith Ference - Zephyr Real Estate
When I go active will I be an affiliate or do I need to apply for that? I love how easy and fast this is and want to tell my friends! Can`t wait to get started!!
Vickie Gambrell - Century 21 Golden Properties

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Listing Manager

Our system was built from the ground up specifically for managing your real estate website. Our Listing Manager gives you many powerful tools that enable you to compete with the big real estate franchises and the top real estate portals. You have complete control over all aspect of integrating listings on your website and where your listings are syndicated. 


Listing syndication

Reach Over 50 Million Users!

There are hundreds of websites and real estate portals your potential buyers and renters will use to search for properties online. Our listing syndication will automatically publish your listings to all of these websites at no additional cost to you. We are constantly adding new syndication partners. With our listing syndication feature, your listings will gain maximum exposure without breaking the bank. You can syndicate your listings to Trulia (rentals only), Zillow (rentals only), Craigslist,, HotPads, Trovit, Vast,,, and many more.

Work Smarter Not Harder!

With our Advanced IDX solution, your listings will automatically import from your MLS and then automatically publish to all the top real estate portals. This allows you to put your marketing on auto-pilot and spend more time serving your clients. You maintain full control over which listings to publish and where they are published.


Built-in listing tools

Our Listing Manager includes all the features and options your business require to successfully market each individual property online. Within our Account Control Panel you can add all the details about a property including more photos and details then your MLS support. Create unlimited amount of listing groups to categorize properties by any criteria that you desire. For example, you can create groups based on location, price range, property type, etc. Listings can be assigned to multiple groups.


Control Display of Listings on Your Website

You have complete control over how your website can be used to find properties. Search options on your website can include search by transaction type, location, number of bedrooms/baths, size, and by any other property features that you determine are searchable. Visitors can view properties as a list or by a map search result. Visitors on your website can interact with properties in many different ways, including the ability to personalize their property search by creating a free account on your website. Once a visitor to your website has an account they can save listings search or individual listings. You can also configure the defaults for all these options and set different thumbnail image sizes, map format and much more.

To avert "window shoppers", you can require your website visitors to sign up after viewing a specified number of listings. You have complete control over the number of "teaser" listings visitors can view before they are required to signup. This also serves as a reminder for visitors who intend to signup but may forget to do so. Since members on your website receive many benefits after signing up, they will have many reason to appreciate this feature.

Listings activity report

The level of analytical details available for your listings will amaze you. Even more impressive is how well these details are placed exactly where you need them to make inform decisions. Just a quick view of your list of properties you can see how well each property is performing. You're able to see the number of leads, visitors, page views, average time each visit lasted and many other metrics for each listing. These metrics can be viewed for specific time frames that you select. 

Attach multimedia content

In addition to having the ability to add hi-resolution photos for each listing, you can also attach multimedia content. You can easily attach a link to a virtual tour. You can attach a YouTube or Vimeo video. You can make a "sound" impression by attaching an audio podcast to each of your listings. Adding an audio description is as simple as recording your audio using your computer's microphone or headset device.


Integrated Google map

Every search result gives your website visitors the option to view properties on a map. Making it easy for visitors that are searching for properties in a specific location. Selecting a property on the map will display more details about the property and a link to view the property's full detail page. Within the Account Control Panel, property locations are automatically determined based on the property address. In cases where Google Map may be incorrect, you can drag a property to it's correct location or enter the longitude/latitude coordinates.

Single Property Websites

Every listing is unique and deserves a website of its own. You can setup a top level domain name (such as or sub-domain (such as for an individual listing. This allows you to promote the domain name directly and create instant interest from online buyers. Since there is no extra charge to use this feature you can showcase all of your listings and give each listing the attention it demands. Your clients will be impressed to see that their listing is getting this special treatment.

Listings mailer

When sending out marketing campaign emails you can attach any number of listings to your message. The listings will be displayed in the email the same way as it display on your website. Including each listing's main photo, detailed property information and a link to access additional property information directly on your website.

MLS/IDX integration

All of our plans include Smart Frame IDX support which allows you to integrate listings from your Local MLS board directly into your web site (your MLS Board must have this feature available). The feed is framed directly within your site, and your prospective clients will have direct access to your contact information when they have questions or are ready to buy. There is no additional charge for integrating Smart Frame IDX into your site. (some MLS Board may charge a fee for providing this link). For a more robust and seamless IDX integration consider adding our Advanced IDX solution.