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Standard Features Of Our Real Estate Website Product

Standard Features Of Our Real Estate Website Product

Our Real Estate Website product includes everything you need to manage your web presence, with several different plans to choose from. All plans include, at a minimum, all of the standard features listed on this page, while some plans include even more features. We also offer several add-on products and services that can be added to any of our plans. The included Account Control Panel, is available online 24/7, and allows you to manage all of these products and services, in one easy to use interface. 


Unleash creativity with our real estate Website Builder

Our interactive Website Builder makes it easy for you to customize the look and feel of your website, with a stunningly beautiful design that is consistent with your existing brand. Our Website Builder includes many themes to choose from. All designs are built using Adaptive and Responsive Web Design methodology, so your website visitors will enjoy a rich user experience, that feels natural in all popular browsers on desktops, smartphones, tablets and other devices. Read More »

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Built-in Listing Manager

As a platform that was built from the ground up for real estate professionals, listing management is deeply integrated into our system. You can manage all of your listing properties, including listings that you list with your MLS and your private listings. Our Listing Manager is designed to manage residential properties, commercial properties, short term and long term rental properties. Your listings will gain maximum exposure with integrated marketing tools, such as, listing syndication, social media announcer and listing mailer. All listing pages are fully customizable and search engine friendly. Read More »

Lead generation and Contact Manager

Capture leads on your website, manage relationships, and close more sales - with our built-in Contact Manager. Contact Manager is like many CRM tools, but it integrates deeply with all other features of our Real Estate Website product. Contact Manager is highly customizable, so you are not required to change your existing sales process. Every request from your website is automatically captured in your Contact Manager. You can filter, search, and manage leads with just a few clicks. Read More »


Effective Marketing Tools that deliver results

Online marketing is essential for having a web presence that builds your brand and help you reach more customers. Having a beautiful website, lots of social network followers and a huge contact list - is great, but it is marketing that glue it all together. Our Real Estate Website product has marketing tools built into all of it's included features. From search engine optimization (SEO) tools integrated into our Website Builder, to multiple marketing tools built into our Listing Manager. We make it simple and automatic, to continuously engage your leads, contacts and followers, with our Email Marketing Campaign tool and our Social Media Announcer. Read More »

Real estate related contents, blog and a range of dynamic modules

Our Real Estate Website product comes with many built-in real estate related contents and modules. It includes also a built-in blogging platform. So you can get a fully functional website up and running in as little time as possible. Your website will automatically be loaded with the most popular and effective contents and functions that real estate professional require on their websites. You can further customize your website with additional built-in contents and modules that we provide, and you can add your own contents and post articles that are relevant to your business needs. Read More »


Powerful reporting and analytics

We provide you access to powerful analytical data to help you make the right decisions for your web presence. Our system records all user interactions from your website, including page views, visits, requests, etc. Knowing what's going on on your website is very important. Having access to detailed analytic reports that are tailored for your specific business needs is even more important. That's why analytics is deeply integrated into every part of our Real Estate Website product. Read More »

Reliable cloud hosting, included

Our products and services do not require a separate hosting service for your website or email accounts. Because our products and services are fully managed and hosted by us, you never have to be concerned with patches, updates, security, backup or scalability. Backed by our 99.95% guaranteed up-time, you can depend on our system to be available virtually all of the time. Read More »

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