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Contact Manager

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We have had great compliments for our web site since the new change and layout and we feel good using it too for our clients on our mobile devices and laptops. Thank you for all the hard work and effort. It really makes us look good and feel good. The link to Youtube is also a big bonus. Keep it up!
Jean-Paul Maurel - Premium Realty
Thank you for answering all of my questions. I've had so many web companies trying to get me to swith and not one of the companies offer the value and service that Agent BizzUp provides.
Angela Hicks - Homes Plus Realty

Contact Manager

Our Built-in Contact Manager is the only CRM tool that you need to effectively capture leads from your website and manage the relationship with all your contacts.  It allows you to build and maintain a relationship with contacts from your website, existing contact list, social networks and any other contact source.


Built-in contact management tools

Our Contact Manager helps you be productive throughout the entire sales cycle. From lead capture to relationship building to closing the sale. Contacts are assigned to specific groups based on the contact's interest. Each contact can be assigned to multiple groups. You can customize contact groups based on any criteria that you choose.

Each contact can be assigned a "mode" based on their status in the buying cycle. This allows you to easily manage leads, clients, past clients and all other types of contacts. Lead contacts can also be assigned a rating (hot, warm or cold). A history of all contact activities are stored so you can easily access previous requests a contact made from your website, your private notes and other contact details. You can filter, search, and manage leads with just a few clicks.

You can send secure private messages and documents directly from the Contact Manager. Messages and documents that you send with this feature are stored in a private, secure, reliable cloud data center that the contact can access by signing on to your website. This is a perfect way to effortlessly send contracts, invoices, owner statements and other private documents. The Contact Manager integrates seamlessly with our Email Marketing Campaign tool so you can easily send emails to individual contacts or entire contact groups.

Integrated website lead capture

Every request from your website is automatically captured in your Contact Manager database and linked to a unique contact record. A request notification email is automatically sent on every request. Leads are assigned to the correct agent either by lead routing or automatically by preset rules. Contacts are created and saved for pre-built forms, custom forms and all other forms on your website.


Lead capture form builder

One of the most powerful feature of the Contact Manager is that you can create your own web form with our easy to use form builder. The form builder is highly customizable and can create virtually any type of form that you can imagine. This feature allows you to create any types of form fields, values, and field properties that you require. Fields can be required or optional, have default values and shared by multiple forms.

After a visitor on your website completes the form, their contact information is saved in the Contact Manager with all the values that they entered. You can customize your form confirmation page or send the visitor to another page on your website or any other web page. You can enter any email address to receive the notification. You can designate any contact group for each custom form that you create. Auto-responders can be attached to your custom form thereby allowing you automate information request from your website.

Personalized website content

Get personal with your website visitors and they will reward you with their loyalty. By using technologies such as cookies and login, our system enables your website to be personalized based on the visitor's preference. Contacts can create login credentials on your website to restore previous search results, saved listings, and access contents that you restrict. You can require a specific form to be completed before access is granted to any page that you create.