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Built-in Contents, Blog & Modules

Web Presence Suite:

  • No contract required
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Listing syndication & IDX
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Updates and support
  • and much more...
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Just thought I mention how impressed I am with your website and tools to create the easiest, most impressive site with the least effort. I had done a free trial with Alamode, Myers and Websting and your site out does them all hands down at a fraction of the price.....Thank You...Thank you... Thank you...I WILL be letting others know about it!
Marion Springett - Downtown Realty Group
We appreciate your working (make that putting up with) with us "newbies", until we learn how your outstanding system is designed to work. Thanks for "being there" for us, folks! We really appreciate your great product and you commitment to responsive/knowledgeable service.
Will V Smith - US Real Estate Investment Group, LLC
I just put one of my listings in the syndication! I love that it is streamlined to all the places I use. Plus I can use the code to paste onto my blog.
Amy Gerrish - Homesmart Real Estate

Built-in Contents, Blog & Modules

Creating your website with our Web Presence Suite comes with many built-in contents, blog and modules so you can launch a complete website with very little effort. This allows you to quickly get your website up and running while you customize and add contents that are more relevant to your business and specific market needs.

Built-in real estate contents

Your website will automatically be populated with professionally written real estate related contents that are proven to effectively boost sales and client retention. These contents are loaded directly on your website so that you can customize them to your specific needs. Our built-in contents include:

  • Buyers and Sellers Resources - residential sales tips and advice for buyers and sellers.
  • Dream Home Finder - request form that allows prospective residential buyers to submit details about their dream property.
  • Market Analysis - request form for prospective sellers to request a market analysis of their property.
  • Mortgage Calculator - allows your website visitors to calculate monthly payment on any given loan amount.
  • Loan Quote Application - pre-qualify your potential buyers for a loan with the Loan Quote form. Once your buyers place a request, an email with the details is sent directly to you.
  • Comprehensive School Information - link to school information which allows visitors to view public and private school data for any school in the country, and compare information between schools.

Page Modules

Modules are content widgets that can be added to any page on your website. Modules can be placed above or below your page's main content or on a column next to your page's main content. Our built-in modules provide you a way to implement advanced functionality to your website and achieve complex business requirements, without the need for 3rd party plug-ins or programming knowledge. Built-in modules include:

Featured Listings
Allows you to promote featured properties on any page on your website. You control how many listings to display in this module, from which listing group and how to sort properties.

Listings Search
You can add a listings search module to any page so your potential buyers and renters can easily locate properties on your website. You have complete control over which search fields are available in each listings search module.

Contact Card
Show your contact information as a module on any page on your website. The contact card act as a digital business card that display your personal photo, click-to-call phone number and other contact information that you enter. For office and team plans you can select any agent's contact card from your company directory to display.

RSS Feeds
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is used by many media websites to publish frequently updated content such as blog entries, news headlines or podcasts. This module allows you to populate news, blog and other feeds directly on any page on your website. You control how many articles to list in each module and how to link to the articles. This is a great way to populate your website with valuable content without having to invest too much of your valuable time in content writing.

Mortgage Rates
Display up-to-date mortgage rates information on any page of your website.

Local Weather
Display local weather information to your website visitors on any page of your website. You select which location to use for each local weather module.

Upcoming Events
You can display a list of upcoming events on any page on your website from your list of event. You control how many events to feature in the upcoming events module.

Built-in blog

Our Web Presence Suite plans include a built-in blog which is built on the Wordpress platform that many people are already familiar with. Having your blog content hosted directly on your website improves SEO and makes it very easy to manage. Since this feature is built-into our system, it integrates seamlessly with other functions like agent/user profiles, that allow all members in your company to post article within their own account profile. The blog feature includes:

  • Post management including Categories, Tags and photos
  • Comments/reader feedbacks
  • Auto-spam filters for comments/reader feedbacks
  • Plugins to import your existing blog contents

Event Manager

You can add and manage events directly on your website. Use the Event Manager to list your open houses, workshops, classes, seminars or any other types of events. All events will display in the included Events page on your website. You can also add Upcoming Events modules on any page of your website.

Each event receives an event detail page which can include an RSVP form if you choose. You can assign RSVP to a specific Contact Group so you can easily keep track of guest list. Event details can include location, date, photos, price, etc.


Add your own pages and contents

In addition to all the built-in contents and modules included with our Web Presence Suite, you can customize and add your own content using our Text Editor. Text Editor is a full featured HTML text editor designed to simplify web content creation. It's a live editor that brings common word processor features directly to your web pages. You can add formatted text, links, photos, bullet list, background colors, copy from other word processors and much more.