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Domain Registration

For just $15/year

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Domain Registration

Our Web Presence Suite includes hosting for your website and emails, using your own custom domain name. You can either register a new domain name with us ($15/year), transfer your existing domain name ($15/year), or use your domain name from any domain registrar (no charge).

New Domain Registration

You can register a domain name of your choice for your website. You can choose any domain that represent your company (domain must be available) i.e. If the name that you select is already taken, we will help you find a name that works for you. Once the domain name is registered, you own the domain name as long as you continue to pay the domain registration fees. If at any point you decide to host your website with another company, you can easily take your domain name with you.

Transfer Existing Domain

Transferring your domain name to Zealder makes it possible to have all services associated with your domain name provided by only one company. This means that if you have any inquiries regarding your domain name, your website, or any associated email accounts, you could simply contact us. When you transfer your domain name to Zealder, included in the $15 (USD) fee is an additional year of registration for FREE.